Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Fingerless Gloves

Both pairs of gloves are made from Koigu on size 3 (US) needles. The pattern on the two color pair was inspired by a picture I saw. One pair has a k2 p2 rib cuff, the other has k1p1 rib, then k2tog yo fold, then k1 color a k2 color b on the portion that shows.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007


20 Years Older

I really enjoyed planning and making this sweater. Often I showed it to my dh and ds; for some reason they were very reserved about it. When it was almost finished I tried it on. I was horrified - the colors are all wrong on me and made me look 20 years older. Happily, I found a friend who looks well in these colors, and gave it away. Pattern: Mostly from two different Wool Gathering patterns.

Glass Slipper Socks

I called these "glass slipper socks" because while I was making them I decided to give them to someone who liked them with the right size feet. My son liked them, pronounced the fit "perfect", and has been wearing them ever since.

Pattern: basic sock pattern from the Stahl booklets

Monday, February 26, 2007


Felted Bowl/ Earring Holder

This bowl was knit in a free-form bowl shape, felted, then the heart was needle-felted into the base. It's an earring holder; you can either fasten them around the edges, or throw them into the bowl. I used Ultra Alpaca.

K's Gloves

I made these gloves for my daughter for Christmas. She liked the design. Unfortunately I had the size all wrong. The original pair was given to my neice, and this pair was checked at every step to be exactly the right size for my daughter. Back/thumb pattern from Mostly Mittens: Traditional Knitting Patterns from Russia's Komi People by Charlene Schurch Size 3 needles Koigu, black and variegated Gloves

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