Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Best Wishes to FurrPurls

Remember those posts by Jen G on April 24 and Aug 4? Jen has gone and homesteaded her own blog, FurrPurls. All the best in your new online home, Jen!!

Sunday, August 26, 2007


Yarn Delivery!

After despairing of ever finding Wollmeise in a brick or online store (The Loopy Ewe carries it if you're quick!), I decided to order direct. The lovely stuff came on Friday. No, it's not all mine, I ordered with FurrPurls and another friend. Can't wait to try it. Hopefully I'll have pictures of works in progress here soon.

Two hanks of laceweight: "Brombeere" on the left, then "Vergissmichnicht".

All superwash, from left to right: "Krauterbeet" "Krauterbeet" (again) "Veilchen" "Gewitterhimmel" "Am kalten Polar" "Poisen Nr. 5" "Maria's Deepest Purple"

Thursday, August 23, 2007


Dish Rag Tag!

Thanks to Emily at Yarn Miracle for Dish Rag Tag! If you are new to Dish Rag Tag, I suggest you go here and read all about it. I am part of team "Wannabe Racin'". My package came yesterday, and looked like this. Thanks, Gina! I started knitting at 5:30 and finished at midnight, with a few breaks for food and laundry. I had prepared by deciding on garter stitch, making a gauge swatch, and sketching a design. Luckily the time pressure to finish quickly kept me from ripping and replanning the whole thing. It turned out, well, different. The striped and mitered section was inspired by Mason Dixon Knitting and the wavy section by nonaSwatches, especially January and February.

Saturday, August 04, 2007


Heads and Toes

My recent completions are all hats and socks, with everything for the in-between body parts moving along slowly.
Here are two more colorways for the modified Beach Beanie shown with the green one I posted in April. All fit and are comfortable although I've actually been covering my bare head with bandanas more frequently. Very pirate-like and Carribean pirates are definitely "in" this Summer!
I'm sorry to admit that my other finished projects also lack originality, (but I'm happy with them all the same). Here are the latest Socks that Rock: Grasshoppers, knit to pattern, and Summer Solstice, with a rib added at the top.

Here's a sneak peak at things to come... a "candid" shot of my work area showing an unbelievable four projects cooking at once! Pyramids fair isle with a Guinness Book quantity of ends to be tucked, Coming and Going cardigan paused at the start of its sleeves, Playing with Fire cardigan which epitomizes my current color madness, and Mermaid Fingerless Gloves with a really cool thumb gusset, (doesn't show in this picture). More detail on those designs as they finish.
Also lurking with my active projects are four skeins of Lornas Lace, one of Fiesta and one of Cherry Tree Hill, all recently purchased. They're living in my sofa-based work space while I enjoy their newness and fantasize about possibilities... the usual mental activities that follow an episode of uncontrolled stash-building. They'll probably stay there until they get bumped by that Wollmeise order from last week. (I did use the word "uncontrolled"!)


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