Thursday, August 23, 2007


Dish Rag Tag!

Thanks to Emily at Yarn Miracle for Dish Rag Tag! If you are new to Dish Rag Tag, I suggest you go here and read all about it. I am part of team "Wannabe Racin'". My package came yesterday, and looked like this. Thanks, Gina! I started knitting at 5:30 and finished at midnight, with a few breaks for food and laundry. I had prepared by deciding on garter stitch, making a gauge swatch, and sketching a design. Luckily the time pressure to finish quickly kept me from ripping and replanning the whole thing. It turned out, well, different. The striped and mitered section was inspired by Mason Dixon Knitting and the wavy section by nonaSwatches, especially January and February.

Cool modern dishrag! I love your design! But it's definitely *not* a rag, so you might be disqualified. :-)

Good luck to team "Wannabe Racin"!
I love your design! It is sooooo cool! I hope it wins!!!!
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