Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Silent Partner Finally Posts!

I'm playing catch up, so here are the projects so far for 2007.
Shy Sheep Vest by Shelridge Farms (sold as a kit):
For any one who hasn't witnessed the magic of shadow knitting, these photos tell the tale!
Now ya don't see 'em...

Now ya do!
Next up was the Beach Beanie from "Hats, A Knitter's Dozen", XRX Press. The beanie was designed in one color, but of course I couldn't leave well enough alone.
There were also modifications to improve fit for me, such as some added length. It's knit with Filatura Di Crosa on US#6 needles. I will be knitting this again in other colors if it works out well for a chemo-head.
Next I celebrated my acceptance into that highly exclusive organization of notorious sock knitters known as the Rocking Sock Club. (Actually they're only exclusive if you miss the
membership sign up!)
Here are my Rockin' Monsoon Socks, my first experience with the amazing Rockin' Sock wool. I opted to follow the kit pattern to the leg, then added some stitches over the heel and designed in a smaller cable pattern than what was called out.
And lastly I'm showing off my first pair of mittens. These are Lucy Neatby's Paradoxical Mittens knit with US#1 needles from Shelridge Farms Ultra Merino.
The picture that came with the pattern shows a sane and stunning combination of black and white with a touch of red. I chose a somewhat loony combination of dark purple, near chartreuse, and a touch of lavender. Sanity is definitely over-rated. I'm very happy with the crazy outcome. It is worth mentioning that attention to dominant color was critical in this project. (That means that once I messed it up I had a lot of ripping to do!)
Hope you enjoyed that long awaited tour of my recent knits! Now I'll fade back into anonymity until some other magnificent creation comes off the needles. Onward...


Whoo Hoo! Glad you're here!
Whoo Hoo! Glad you're here!
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