Saturday, September 08, 2007


Another WIP

I'll admit it, I have way too many projects in work. Maybe when I get the list under ten I'll describe them all. For now, I want to write about just one.
Wollmeise Skein Remember the Wollmeise I showed you a few posts ago? Three skeins were for me. Two of them I wound up almost immediately, and both of them are in work. The laceweight in color Brombeere looks like this wound up:
I'm making the Fiber Trends Cocoon Lace Scarf or Wrap by Evelyn A. Clark. This shows how it is knitting up on a US size 5 needle. Since it's not stretched or blocked, it looks like a lumpy mess, as all my lace does before blocking. Wollmeise Swatch
Wollmeise Swatch, pinned out

Before I knit on this for months, I wanted some assurance that it will look good after it's blocked. So here it is again, stretched and pinned.

I like the amusement of a non-solid, and I'm glad it is not turning stripey. It's very easy and pleasant to knit, both the yarn and the pattern. It gives me hope that some day this WIP will turn into a FO.

I agree that the red shades are really spreading themselves on that pattern in a really nice way. Will this shawl be a square, circle, rectangle...? How do you like working with the Wollmeise lace-weight?
I'm so jealous of the students in your upcoming lace knitting class!
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