Sunday, September 23, 2007


Another WIP

Yes, I started another project, and I decided I'm ok with that.

I've been trying to finish up some of my many works in progress, but then I slipped and started another one. And I decided it's ok. This is my "fun", so why ruin it by insisting on self-control? There is enough of that in the rest of my life!

So, please let me introduce you to my new WIP:

Thanks for the yarn, Jen!!

On another topic, I received my invitation to Ravelry about a week ago. Honestly I was a little bit afraid to sign in - after all I've read about it, I feared it would be too much fun and all I need is another time sink in my life!! On my first visit I managed to simply dip my toe in the water. I signed in, made a simple profile page, and looked around. Wow. There sure is a lot there. Not sure which of the many features will become my favorites, but I'll start sampling soon. Any suggestions?

Who needs self control?! Not us knitters!!! No way!

Pioneer's lookin' good. Is that going to be a wearing scarf or a drapey mantel scarf?

As of today I'm only 10043 people away from being invited into Ravelry! I'm most interested in their stash tracking features and how a Ravelry account might interact with my FurrPurls blog. But of course I'd be thrilled to hear about anything you learn!
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