Tuesday, October 02, 2007


Mini Shawl

I knit a mini shawl for an introductory lace class. I knit it in order to help teach, but of course I learned a lot from it myself:

  1. Must resist urge to use a variegated yarn on anything other than the most plain stitch. See how lost the pattern is, and how stripey it looks?
  2. I like my lace on smaller-than-recommended needles. I want only the holes to look like holes, not the entire fabric.
  3. Addi lace needles really do make a difference.
  4. Wet blocking isn't so awful. This was the first time I tried it; I usually steam block.


Maybe stripey vs. stitch is a matter of taste. I certainly agree that stripes can distract, but I'm not seeing it so much from your pictures of this project.

The shawl is lovely and the colors seem to be a nice accent. It's yet another FO that I'll be looking forward to seeing in real life!
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