Saturday, January 26, 2008


1 Skein Wollmeise = 2 Projects + 1 Contest

Last summer I bought some Wollmeise. I started with one skein, 150g, of Sockenwolle, and made my daughter a pair of socks. The pattern is the coriolis sock from Cat Bordhi's book New Pathways for Sock Knitters, Book One. Given that they were very short socks, I wasn't too surprised there was yarn left over, so I made my daughter a pair of matching fingerless gloves (my generic pattern).

And now there is still 62g of yarn left! I used about 52g on the socks and 36g on the gloves, so I think there is enough for small socks, gloves, or mittens.

Free Wollmeise Contest

Do you want the remaining 62g? My daughter is in 11th grade and just starting to look at colleges. To enter just leave a comment naming your favorite college/university in the Northeast US, and why. It's not very busy around here at wormsoup, so your chances are excellent! Deadline: Midnight Saturday Feb 2. The winner will be the most helpful comment, and if she can't pick one, it will be random.

That color is Krauterbeet, right? It's my favorite from the Wollmeise colors I've seen so far, but the purples in it never show up on my computer.

I should probably exempt myself from this contest since you know as much (or more) than I about our mutual alma mater. I love Krauterbeet however, so I'm going to put in a plug for Stony Brook University. My only reasoning is completely selfish. It's nearby so I might get to see your daughter more often!

Not very helpful unless it suggests a look at a well-respected school which hasn't really been considered. Good luck gathering info!
Krauterbeet! Yea! It's gorgeous. I've just started down the New Pathways, finishing up my first sock The Tantalizing Bartholomew...I'm looking forward to the Coriolis (hoping I like that one better). Isn't it great how far the Wollmeise goes?
As for NE colleges, to my disappointment I know little about them. I live near Michigan State University and I think it is a wonderful BIg 10 University with a wide range of programs. It started out as one of the first argricultural colleges. Wanna be a large animal vet? There's a shortage of them. Soybean farmer? Really, they offer much more than that these days, including their own law school. The campus is gorgeous. Strolling to and from class can be like a walk through the woods, complete with a river running through it. It's based in East Lansing, which is a smaller town but has a fun atmosphere full of team spirit. I have a two sons going to college in the next two years and I can say I'd be proud to say they chose MSU (it's not JUST because they'd only be 20 minutes away, really. I swear). I wish I had some sage advice or top secret knowledge of thebest college choice because I love that Krauterbeet, but really I do hope a smart knitter comes up with something helpful for you!
I will tell you my dreaded college choice: two of my three sons want to go Michigan Tech, a top engineering school, that is way up in the top corner of what we call the U.P. (Upper Peninsula). I think they are nuts! Crazy. It's at least a nine hour drive and worse than that--it's freezing cold winter from September to May! Brrr....Seriously. Snowbanks over their heads. I keep reminding them the guy:girl ratio is 4:1 they'll have to fight for every date and the town is so the middle of nowhere. Does that sound like soething you'd like to check into?
Your socks and gloves are very pretty!

Unfortunately, I can't enter your contest - I live in western Canada and would be hard-pressed to even name a college in the Northeast US, much less explain why I'd recommend it. Does your daughter have any interest in attending school in Canada? Mount Allison University is in New Brunswick (so not too far from the Northeast US) and has an excellent reputation as far as I've heard. I'd also recommend the university I'm attending, UNBC, but it might be a bit far away.
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