Saturday, May 17, 2008



I finished these Jaywalker socks just a little over a year ago. I had not worn them very often. But it's not the fault of the yarn or the knitting. I have sandpaper feet. I'll have to either fix the feet or not wear handknit socks! Don't try to diagnose my feet from these pictures; my daughter is modeling.

Hi Susan

i have feet like that too. I've resorted to using reinforcing thread in my heels.... it helps~
That's so sad....and scarey!
My daughter made a Christmas request this year. She said she wants that 'plastic egg thing that turns your feet into cocaine.' It's a PedEgg (or something thereto related) but essentially, it is a cheese grater for your feet. It 'grates' off the dead sandpaper skin into a little egg shaped holder and the finished product looks like cocaine looks -or so it seems from the movies we watch. Works GREAT! I was surprised that it wasn't another hoax. Maybe that will save your socks in the future, so sad 'cause they were so pretty too. Made me want to cry :(
The reinforcing thread does do wonders, but I have taken to using contrast yarn for the heels 'n' toes and throwing in a couple of stripes of it in the top ribbing (to make it look like it's supposed to be there) so when I need to rip them out to replace them I (a) have extra yarn to do it with and (b) it's easy to tell where the heels 'n' toes begin and end.
Life as a real woman is still better than life as a sit com star though, don't you think?
I love handknit socks and have fixed many a pair. Must be I have sandpaper feet too. But, I've taken to having a pedicure regularly and I have one of those stones that I use on my feet when I shower - helps.
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