Sunday, June 22, 2008



Like most everyone, I don't feel like I have enough time. Pick a category, and I'm probably behind. Take that fact together with all the beautiful yarns out there, and I'm sure I don't need to learn how to spin. So I went to Rhinebeck with Jen last year with every intention to avoid all spinning-related products. That lasted until those fiber witches sat with us at lunch one day. I can't remember what they said, but the moment we finished eating lunch we made a beeline to Goldings and each bought a "Learn to Spin" kit, consisting of a drop spindle, some roving, and a book. The spindle sat there, tag still on, still safe from the madness, until today. Sigh. Susan's Spinning Bunny had an open house this weekend. I brought my little kit. Vicky, then Susan, showed us how to use a drop spindle. Unfortunately, I think I'm getting the hang of it.

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