Sunday, October 26, 2008


Fast Lace

I always have many knitting projects going at once. I like being able to pick up a project based on complexity, physical size, whether I need to watch what I'm doing, needle size, etc. As a result, I get nothing done for a long time, then several projects are finished at once. I like knitting this way; my hands don't get tired, and I can always work on the type of project I'm in the mood for at any moment, to say nothing of always having a project around for waiting at appointments, school pickups, etc.

But sometimes I get jealous. Have you noticed how quickly some knitter can bang out a project? If not, look at Shut Up & Knit! or at Wendy Knits . In their worlds projects just crank off the needles one after the other.

So, with this latest project, I decided to try it. I would knit just one project and nothing else until it was done. In addition, I put in more time than usual. I can usually fit in about an hour of knitting time at the end of the day (when I'm no good for anything else), and during this project I put in two, mostly by ignoring things that really shouldn't have been ignored and by sacrificing sleep. All in the name of my little experiment. My goal - knit the small "Shoulderette" size of Laminaria. Well. I knit for eight days, and on the ninth day I blocked. My conclusions? I can do it, but I don't like it! My hand hurt most days, even when I wasn't knitting, and by the end I was desperate to start even more projects! I'll have to leave this method to the big kids, and go start some new projects ;-)

Laminaria by Elizabeth Freeman in Knitty Spring 2008.
1 skein of Hand Maiden Mini Maiden in Blackberry, with about 20 cm left over.
4.5mm circular Addi lace needle.
Finished size: 122cm x 63cm

That is beautiful! Well done!

And when was the last time I finished anything? :p
Beautiful. Impressed by your fortitude.
But it sure is beautiful! Everybody has his/her own style, and as long as you are happy with it, stick with it! I don't like to have more than 3 projects at a time, and one of those is most often a very long term project.
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