Thursday, November 29, 2007


Votes for Dishrags

Yarn Miracle hosted Dish Rag Tag over the summer. It was fun to participate and knit my first dishrag (or two). I wrote about it in August. Anyway, as you'll see on Yarn Miracle's page, my rag is one of the finalists in the "Most Complex Dish Rag Pattern" category. I'm honored!! Thanks, Emily!
I keep checking YarnMiracle to see if the winners are posted. If I hold my breath much longer I'll faint!
Congratulations on your win!! Well deserved, although the competition was very tough. I'm trying to think of what knitting related thing I can have you autograph... :-)
Super Congratulations on winning the Most Complex Dish Rag! Quite an honor. If you have any stitch marker preferences in terms of color/size/style etc... please feel free to email me at "ebinlaDOTbirksAT gmailDOTcom".
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